William R. Locklin

CFP, MBA, LPL Financial Planner

Bill Locklin has been a professional in the financial services industry since early in the 1970s.  He holds BSME and MBA degrees from the University of Arizona, and is a Certified Financial PlannerTM.  Bill has also served as President and Chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Association for Financial Planning.

Because he feels certain that most retirees will lose more to taxation than to market declines during retirement years, Bill stresses tax reduction and tax relief in his practice and in services to his clients.  Many advisors are adept at helping their clients accumulate wealth during their working years.  However, a smaller number of advisors are competent in helping people to take distributions from their retirement savings in a tax wise and tax efficient manner.  Due to his focus in this area, Bill is sought out by those concerned about the potential losses to their retirement plans due to taxation.

Phone 951-676-2010